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How to Paint Kitchen Countertops

How to Paint Kitchen Countertops Everybody would love to have a gorgeous new kitchen, but spending $1000s remodel is not an option for so many of us. With home values not rising as they once did, investing in a high-end custom kitchen may not make economic sense. The good news is there are some ways to update your …

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How to Use Wood Pallets to Create a Floor

How to Use Wood Pallets to Create a Floor I have lost count of the amount of DIY posts we have done about using wooden pallets for various projects but for all the DIY pallet posts we have done it has honestly never occurred to me to use pallets for a real wood flooring… Creating a …

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How to Build Cattle Panel Gardening Greenhouse

How to Build Cattle Panel Gardening Greenhouse Livestock panels are a heavy gauge galvanized welded wire fencing material.  They are also commonly called “cattle”,”hog”, or “sheep” panels.  They are almost a must have on any new farm or homestead.  They make the acquisition of livestock a much easier process and are an affordable option for …

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How to Make Cinnamon-Scented Pinecones

How to Make Cinnamon-Scented Pinecones  Scented pinecones might no be on your most wanted list, but if you’re looking for that cinnamon-y, holiday aroma in your own home, then scented pinecones is what you need. Sure, you can go and buy them from most retail stores, but making your own lets you put together just …

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Build A Solar Heater Out Of Pop-Cans

How To Build DIY Solar Panels with Pop-Cans Building your own DIY solar heater isn’t as hard as it seems… with this ingenious method detailed by DR Drashco over at Freeonplate.com anyone can by using empty soda cans! Solar system solution shown on the can solar website served as inspiration to build “home-made” efficient diy solar …

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How to Paint Your Garage Floor

How to Paint Your Garage Floor Painting your garage floor is an great way to spruce up your garage and best of all it can be simple to do it yourself.. We had an oil stained garage floor when we moved into our home, I think the previous owners must of had a car that leaked and …

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