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10 Gardening Myths – Busted!

10 Gardening Myths – Busted!

10 Gardening Myths - Busted!

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It can be funny, the things people believe as truth and fact. Many people follow superstitions and myths without even realizing they’re doing it – it’s just normal! There are myths and superstitions about everything, even gardening myths!

I’m sure you’ve heard this before – “Put gravel in the bottom of your planters and pots for better drainage.” It’s amazing how many people do this and then wonder why their plants aren’t doing as well as they should be. Putting gravel in the bottom will not help drainage. It will actually trap and hold the water, causing root rot to form. Rocks, on the other hand, will help with drainage but only a few are really needed, not a full layer in the bottom!

Most myths are pretty harmless but there are some that can cause real damage in the garden! Believing all manure is the same and can be put directly into the garden can cost you the entire crop if you are using chicken manure that hasn’t been composted! There is just too much nitrogen in there and it will burn the plants out. There are just 2 of the 10 gardening myths listed!

10 Myths About Gardening That Just Aren’t True

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