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Wood Pallet Vegetable Gardening

Wood Pallet Vegetable Gardening [important]Remember to like Living green and frugally on Facebook  to be updated every time we find a tutorial for ways you can become self-sufficient on a budget.[/important] Urban gardeners often face the challenge of small planting spaces or less-than-ideal soil conditions. Container gardening offers one solution for growers pressed for growing …

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35 Unexpected Things To Add To Your Compost Pile

35 Unexpected Things To Add To Your Compost Pile Starting a compost pile is one of the best things you can do for your garden and the environment. Every piece of garbage that goes into the pile instead of the dumpster saves valuable landfill space and adds much needed nutrients to your soil. Once you …

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22 Clever Gardening Cheats

22 Unbelievably Clever Gardening Cheats Sometimes with gardening, especially when growing food, it can seem like everything is against you: the critters eating/ruining your crops, the bugs doing the same, and then of course you have the ever unpredictable weather, which is often too hot, too cold, too wet or to dry! The more tips, …

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10 Weird Intensive Gardening Methods That Really Work

10 Weird Intensive Gardening Methods That Really Work We all know that they are so many different ways to garden that it would be hard to even list them all.  over at gardeningchannel.com they have put together a grouping of ten weird intensive gardening methods that make the most out of your gardening space, so that you can grow the …

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10 Gardening Myths – Busted!

10 Gardening Myths – Busted! It can be funny, the things people believe as truth and fact. Many people follow superstitions and myths without even realizing they’re doing it – it’s just normal! There are myths and superstitions about everything, even gardening myths! I’m sure you’ve heard this before – “Put gravel in the bottom …

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101 Gardening Secrets Experts Never Tell You

101 Gardening Secrets Experts Never Tell You Even the most experienced gardener is surprised to find out some of these 101 secrets. From how and when to plant popular plants to how and what to feed and nurture them – plus lots more useful tips and tricks. Planting your garden may be more important than …

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