Oct 29 2023

Root Cellars – Why We All Need One

Root Cellars – Why We All Need One

Root Cellars

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By paying close attention to the crop varieties you choose, your timing for harvest and the best storage conditions for each type of fruit or vegetable, you’ll be able to enjoy the taste of summer well into winter with the help of a root cellar. If you are looking to build a root celler here is a great article i did a few months ago that you all loved – How To Build A Root Cellar

Generally, you’ll have produce that stores well in a cold, damp environment, and produce that needs slightly warmer, drier conditions. Root cellars, the ancient technology that makes such scenes possible, are currently experiencing a rediscovery, but not merely because of the pleasures of eating self-grown food, but also because of the actual possibility of reducing expenses and providing for significant food storage in times of potential trouble

Root Cellars – Why We All Need One