Mar 01 2023

One Minute Cinnamon Roll In A Mug

One Minute Cinnamon Roll In A Mug

Cinnamon Roll In A Mug

credit: avirtualvegan.com

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As an avid fan of fall and all things cinnamon, I’ve made mountains of homemade cinnamon rolls since I started experimenting. And these, my friends are supper fast to make.They’re also one of the easiest recipes from scratch I’ve come across.

Cinnamon rolls make a great breakfast treat or after dinner dessert.These cinnamon rolls are Sweet, but not too sweet. Filling, but not too filling.  If you have a mug, a microwave & a spoon you can make this single serving, oil-free One Minute Cinnamon Roll in a Mug. It’s so easy & perfect for when those sweet cravings hit & you NEED dessert, like now! Make one and let me know how you liked it!

One Minute Cinnamon Roll In A Mug