Apr 15 2023

Home Canned Meatballs Recipe

Home Canned Meatballs Recipe

Home Canned Meatballs

Home Canned Meatballs / shutterstock

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For a while now I have been on the search for different canning recipes because of my limited time at home to cook and also I prefer to have more shelf stable foods on hand with living out here in the country and the electric seems to go off all the time.

I found this great recipe from iowasue.blog. This is very nice because you could put the meatballs in your choice of sauce as you open them for whichever recipe you were planning to make. I want to share this meatball recipe with you all.. I made a batch of these yesterday and I have to be honest, They were the best I have ever tasted. Click the link below to see the full tutorial and start canning those meatballs 🙂

Home Canned Meatballs Recipe