How To Build a 3 Drum Rain Collection System

Build a 3 Drum Rain Collection System

Build a 3 Drum Rain Collection System

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It is time to start thinking about rain and rain catchment systems. You can save a lot of money by installing one or two rain barrels. Once you get two in tandem going it is not too long before the idea of gravity feed can come into play.

Did you know the average roof collects 600 gallons of water for ever inch of rainfall? Don’t let all that water go to waste! You can make a rainwater collection system for under a hundred dollars and store hundreds of gallons of water to use for your garden or other purposes.

Read on to learn how to prepare your water storage unit and start collecting rainwater. This is a great water collection system 1 inch of rain fall managed to fill all 3 drums full, great to keep water for your plants/veg so click the link below to see how to make this water collection system.

Build a 3 Drum Rain Collection System

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