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How To Build A Grain Bin Home

Cozy Grain Bin Homes as Alternative Small Housing

How to Build a Grain Bin House
Photo: Designbuildbluff

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On thousands of farms across the continent, round metal grain bins (called “grain silos” in some regions) are standing empty or being torn down and sold for scrap because they’re no longer in use. Architects and builders have started to use these durable, inexpensive structures to construct grain bin homes, storage buildings, offices and barns. After the bin is in place, it requires virtually no maintenance.

For anyone who lives in farming states, driving past a grain bin may put visions in your head of an unusual and nearly ready-made home just ripe for the picking.  As a regular tiny house this would work really well. The bins them selves cost between free if you can pick one up to a few thousand bucks. These just need to be insulated and fitted out. Check out the original article and if you like it get the plans and build your own.

Cozy Grain Bin Homes as Alternative Small Housing

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