May 14 2023

How To Grow sprouts in a jar

How To Grow sprouts in a jar

Grow sprouts in a jar

By leonori/shutterstock

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Sprouts have positive enzymes, protein, fiber, vitamin, and even essential fatty acid. And they are delicious! You can use them in a plethora of foods such as salads, stir fries, and slaws. It’s a great way to make almost any dish healthier. Sprouts are something that you also want to make sure are grown cleanly. It is an important item to make sure to buy organic, and sometimes this can be expensive. Here is a handy DIY sprout hack to get you healthy and eating well.

Requiring minimal materials (jars, cheesecloth, and seeds), you’ll be on your way to fresh sprouts and a really cool science project at the same time! The process takes a few days and requires that a few rinsings per day. Growing bigger and bigger, your family can watch them grow until they are ready to harvest.

This article will walk you through what seeds to buy, how to know when your sprouts are ready to go, and how to avoid the common pitfalls of sprout growing. Take a look, and get excited about sprouting your health and DIY skills with this handy how-to!

How To Grow sprouts in a jar