Jun 09 2023

How To Make Homemade Plant Food

How To Make Homemade Plant Food

Homemade Plant Food

By Sokolenko/shutterstock

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Your plants need food — nitrogen, phosphorous, potassium — to grow healthy and strong. But they don’t know the difference between store-bought fertilizers and the tonics you mix up yourself. Making your own organic plant food is super fun and best of all easy. You should understand that the first step to giving your garden the best start is with soil, so the best thing to do is use compost to amend the soil. but if you have already done this then the next step it to feed your plants with a home made fertilizer

Plant food can be very expensive and hold lots of harsh chemicals that can be harmful to animals. Stop spending lots of money and become more frugal, make your own. click the link below to see how to make your homemade plant food.

How To Make Homemade Plant Food