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How to Wax Cheese for Long Term Storage…

How to Wax Cheese for Long Term Storage

How to Wax Cheese
How to Wax Cheese /shutterstock

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Cheese Wax is a special wax used for preserving cheese. Unlike 100% paraffin based wax it remain soft and pliable even when set and can easily be peeled away from the cheese without the wax cracking or crumbling in brittle pieces.

It is colored with food grade coloring and commonly comes in Red, Yellow and Black. The color doesn’t matter but a lot of people prefer the yellow as it obviously has less coloring in it.  Waxing cuts down on mold and putrefying bacteria’s access to cheese while it ages, and it also prevents cheese from drying out too much. Both good things.Cheese treated with cheese wax can be stored  up to 25 years at a mild to cool temperature. It will continue to age.  But it won’t get moldy!

The next time you see cheese on sale in your local store or farmers market buy as much as you need as you wax any cheese that you can buy when you know how. Once you know all the steps for the process, you will never run out of cheese at home again. The cheese you wax will not spoil and will keep for many years when stored in a cool and dark place. Instructions for how to wax cheese at home are found on perkypreppinggramma.blogspot.com here…

How to Wax Cheese for Long Term Storage

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