Jun 10 2022

Make Your Own “Bugless Bar” Solid Lotion Bar

Make Your Own “Bugless Bar” Solid Lotion Bar

Bugless Bar

Bugless Bar /shutterstock

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Using natural repellent is great for the skin and will help keep the bugs away on days where you have to spend long periods of time outside. They are as easy to make as the original bars, and the seem even more effective at keeping bugs away than regular homemade bug spray, probably because they actually cover the skin with a protective layer.

They are easy to take with you and they are safe to put on your kids. If the bugs are bugging you this summer, then this recipe for a “Buzz Off” solid lotion bar could come in very handy. It’s packed full of bug-repelling essential oils so when you rub this on your skin, the bugs will stay away! Find out how to make it and how it works at Sustain Create & Flow below…

Make Your Own “Bugless Bar” Solid Lotion Bar