Sep 26 2022

DIY Passive Foil Solar Panels for Windows

 DIY Passive Foil Solar Panels for Windows

 DIY Passive Foil Solar Panels for Windows

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Our future depends on our ability to find and exploit new alternative sources, because the oil, coal and natural gas reserves will not last forever, and, as the technology advances every year, new projects and materials appear, making solar panels systems more accessible, and even allowing people everywhere to learn how to build there own solar panels.

This type of solar panel (like most) only work if you have larger south facing windows or patio doors (which are better); and of course, a little sun helps. But the nice thing about these panels… They are VERY easy to make and hang “INSIDE” your window where you don’t need to concern yourself with zoning codes or big ugly boxes hanging on the side on your house.

DIY Passive Foil Solar Panels for Windows