Feb 07 2023

How to Make a Soda Bottle/Cd Birdhouse

 How to Make a Soda Bottle/Cd Birdhouse

 How to Make a Soda Bottle/Cd Birdhouse

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I love to recycle stuff and i no a lot of people drink from these 2lt plastic bottles and there are so many that get thrown away but if you could get hold of a few this would be a great way to put them to use again.

Materials needed

– Plastic bottle- large 2 liter size – clean off label, Sharpie marking pen, Circle template – for the 1-¾” circle, Drill with ¼” & 1/16” drill bit, Needle, nose pliers , Craft knife , Dowel stick – 3” x ¼”, Acrylic paint – brown (background), light brown (background and roof), black (roof and window trim) moss green( roof), ivory (window), Cosmetic sponge – (for applying paint), Brush- fine line (for window detail), Plastic for stencil (I’ve used the opaque shrink plastic), Repositionable adhesive for stenciling (to help hold stencil in place)CD’s, Heat gun, Scissors, Wire – 18 gauge- 6” piece,String – for hanging birdhouse, Glue, Wax paper, Masking tape, Sealer finish (to, finish for putting outside),Check out this great bird house below..