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Root Cellar Construction – Building with Earthbags

Root Cellar Construction – Building with Earthbags This is a great project on how to build a root cellar using earth bags. For those unfamiliar with the term, a root cellar is an underground room that acts like a natural refrigerator, maintaining temperatures in the mid 30’s F in the winter and mid 50’s in …

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‘Naturally Cool’ Cob Playhouse Built for $30

‘Naturally Cool’ Cob Playhouse Built for $30 If you’re looking for a really unique idea for your kids playhouse, Then you should check out this adorable natural cob house by Adam on Instructables.  Adam built this in California where summers are really hot, “naturally cool” describes more than just the appearance of this playhouse – since it is coated in …

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Do-It-Yourself Pole-Barn Building

Do-It-Yourself Pole-Barn Building If you are looking to add shelter to your homestead then this project is perfect for you these pole barns are easily and economicallyto build. Pole barns are right for you Fast, solid, and cost-effective, a pole-barn building can serve as a workshop, storage space, or livestock shelter.If you need to add shelter …

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Do-It-Yourself Campfire Swing Set

Do-It-Yourself Campfire Swing Set You should know by now that here at livinggreenandfrugally.com we just love Projects. Just because its a great way to keep your brain working and saves so much money. Anyway! I came across this article that shows you how to build a campfire swing feature for your garden or bug out …

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98 Free Shed Do It Yourself Building Guides

98 Free Shed Do It Yourself Building Guides  No more space for your belongings? Why not build a storage shed in your yard. Storage sheds serves as an extra room to keep your belongings intact and more organized. Sheds are used to store various things. But there are factors to consider before building a storage shed. These …

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Live Trap Plans – Building A Humane, Animal Trap

Live Trap Plans – Building A Humane, Animal Trap Although many animals are cute and fuzzy, they can also make a nuisance of themselves. Rabbits, possums and skunks can damage gardens and lawns, carry fleas, and even carry disease into your property. Even in the urban garden Rabbits are a real problem. Many people dislike the …

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