Complete Guide To Companion Planting

Complete Guide To Companion Planting When you plant your garden, do you plant all the lettuces together? Are the tomatoes segregated from the carrots? Did you know that some plants chemically inhibit or enhance the growth and well-being of other plants and that, whether you are a small-scale gardener or a large-scale agriculturist, you can …

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TetraBox Lamp Ideas

Creative DIY TetraBox Lamp It’s cold outside, the days are short, and your lamps and lamp fixtures have never been more important. But perhaps, these fixtures are in need of a little something new. For a sleek, chic, and green lamp idea which allows you to use your own creative persuasion to engineer a unique …

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10 Delicious Copycat Recipes From you Favorite Restaurants!

10 Delicious Copycat Recipes From you Favorite Restaurants! Make sure to like Living Green and Frugally on Facebook, Shop at amazon to help support my site and explore our  PINTEREST BOARDS  for innovative ways you can become self-sufficient. We all have favorite treats available in many of the biggest restaurant and cafe chains that we just can’t …

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100s of Free Chicken Coop Ideas

100s of Free Chicken Coop Ideas Your birds will need a chicken coop tailored specifically to the needs of your flock and your space. You’ll need to determine how many chickens you can comfortably house, whether you will need a large or small chicken coop, and what style best suits your space and your personal preferences. The surge in …

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Home Made Apple Pie Cookies

Home Made Apple Pie Cookies Do you love apple pie? i bet you do so why not try this yummy recipe and make your very own Apple Pie Cookies, yes apple pie cookies, i am drooling thinking about these as i type this :). These Apple Pie-like Cookies are made of real Pie Crust layered with sticky Caramel, …

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