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6 Natural Ibuprofen Alternatives

6 Natural Ibuprofen Alternatives

6 Natural Ibuprofen Alternatives6 Natural Ibuprofen Alternatives

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Whether you are a victim of migraines, a marathon runner, or just prone to aches and pains, we all have opened up the medicine cabinet looking for a little relief from ibuprofen or other pain killers. Admittedly, these remedies are handy for an assortment of ailments, but they have also been connected with a slew of other health problems. Liver damage, heart disease, hypertension, and other problematic effects have been attributed to both prescription and over-the-counter pain killers. Undoubtedly good pain killers are sometimes needed, but it is time we start turning to natural remedies.

From herbs to chili pepper extract, this great article from homeandgardeningideas.com provides you with six great (updated now 8), natural, and accessible pain killers. Taking you through a list of helpful treatments, this article details the how and why of each healthful supplement. It also provides helpful advice on what form to buy these supplements in — be it a topical cream, powder form, or a pill — as well as the dosage and how long you will need to take the supplement to see and feel effects.

6 Natural Ibuprofen Alternatives

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