Dec 17 2022

17 Genius Ways to Use It castile soap

17 Genius Ways to Use It castile soap

7 Reasons You Need To Try Castile Soap & 18 Genius Ways to Use It

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Castile soap, also known as vegetable soap, is soap that contains no animal fats. It is made primarily with olive oil but it can also contain other plant oils. Making liquid Castile soap at home can save you money and give you the peace of mind of knowing that no harmful ingredients have gone into your soap.

Due to the straight forward nature of the soap, it means it is more environmentally friendly as there is less waste produced when making it and it is more bio-degradable than other soaps. Most of the soaps we purchase today contain a myriad of toxic chemicals which wreak havoc on our health. According to Dr. Mercola, putting chemicals on the skin may actually be worse than eating them! Check out this article below ….

17 Genius Ways to Use It castile soap