May 28 2023

Apple Pie Bread Recipe

Apple Pie Bread Recipe

Apple Pie Bread


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I’m normally more of a berry person when it comes to fruit, but this season I’m going to teach myself to love apples just as much  If you love apple pie, you will love this recipe. So why not try this yummy apple pie bread recipe, yes apple pie bread, I am drooling thinking about these as i type this :).

This Apple Pie Bread recipe is easy to make and truly smells and tastes just like apple pie. This high addictive, moist apple pie bread is loaded with chunks of apples folded into a cinnamon flour batter that once baked can be drizzled with a streusel topping. You can add 1/4 of a cup of finely diced walnuts, almonds or pecans to enrich the flavor and texture. Check out this recipe by clicking the link below…

Apple Pie Bread Recipe