Jun 24 2023

Avoid Making These Common Food Storage Mistakes

Avoid Making These Common Food Storage Mistakes

Avoid Making These Common Food Storage Mistakes

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It seems everywhere you look lately, people are talking about food storage. Common food storage for most Americans is about a week’s worth of food. For the self-reliant types though, common food storage means something else entirely. A week’s worth of food is what they tend to have in their cars for emergencies!

So many people believe that they can just buy a bunch of food, stick it in a closet, and call it good. This couldn’t be further from the truth! A well stocked pantry is a living thing that needs to be rotated, cared for, and looked after. You need to make sure the 5 food enemies are minimized as much as possible. You need to ensure the conditions for storage will give you the maximum shelf life on the investment you’ve made. If your food storage area has big temperature swings each day, you are risking the shelf life of what you’ve stored.

Though the article covers some of the very basic rules, it dives deeper than just reminding you to not “stock food you don’t enjoy.” Just because something is on sale doesn’t mean you should buy and stock it. Especially if you don’t eat it! Consider the importance of ‘comfort food’ in a disaster situation. If it’s been a week and you are used to having a diet soda each day, imagine how you’d feel if someone handed you your favorite brand? Common food storage mistakes don’t have to be common. Learn what they are and how to avoid them below!

15 Common Food Storage Mistakes To Avoid