Apr 25 2023

Cleaning Cast Iron the Easiest Way

Cleaning Cast Iron the Easiest Way

Cleaning Cast Iron the Easiest Way

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So many people are clueless when it comes to cast iron. Perhaps that’s because so few people use it on a regular basis anymore. Most times when you see cast iron (if it isn’t new), there is gunk built up. Maybe there’s some rust on the sides or spots where the iron has worn down. Many people would just toss if out but cleaning cast iron can bring about some of the most transformative visuals!

Cast iron is one of those things in your life that will take good care of you and outlast you, so long as you tend to maintenance and regular cleanings. Cleaning cast iron isn’t done with soap and water – at least not like you’re thinking. Actual soap is rarely used on cast iron because it removed the protective layer of “seasoning” and strips it down to the metal, leaving it exposed. Instead, most people simply boil water that breaks up the food and makes it easier to wipe clean.

As we get older, learning ways to get the job done smarter, not harder, is the key to happiness and ensuring you get time to relax and enjoy all that your hard work has gone towards creating the perfect life for yourself! See how to clean your cast iron here… 

How to Clean Cast Iron the Easy Way