Sep 29 2023

DIY Atmospheric Drinking Water Generator

DIY Atmospheric Drinking Water Generator


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Water is in the air nearly everywhere on earth, even in the most parched desert. But that doesn’t help much when you’re thirsty because most of that H20 is in its vaporized form, not its handy liquid state.To solve that problem you can build your own DIY Atmospheric Drinking Water Generator.

One of the expensive parts to building this project is the fact you will need a new dehumidifier as most regular units use mild steel that makes water unhealthy to have as drinking water. You need a unit that has stainless steel or other plumbing material. You can also find a filter system that can remove metals and other contaminants from atmospheric water. Research to see what is available to make an atmospheric drinking water generator. Check out this article below…

DIY Atmospheric Drinking Water Generator