May 17 2022

DIY Solar Lawn Mower

DIY Solar Lawn Mower

Solar Lawn Mower

Solar Lawn Mower /shutterstock

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I have owned nearly every kind of lawn mower possible and honestly one of my best mowers was a battery powered one. It was quiet and cut the grass with grace and skill. The biggest problem with battery powered lawn mowers is keeping them charged. You have to either plug them in or take the battery out and that sucks.

This is one solution to the problem. Install solar panels on the mower and just leave it parked in the sun to charge it. I really want to do this, I see cheap battery lawn mowers at garage sales and I can pick up these exact solar panels pictured from amazon and this makes the mower really desirable for me. I think I could even sell them at my own garage sales .

DIY Solar Lawn Mower