Sep 22 2022

Drink Coconut Oil Coffee To Speed Up The Metabolism

Drink Coconut Oil Coffee To Speed Up The Metabolism 

Coconut Oil Coffee

Coconut Oil Coffee /shutterstock

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I love having a coffee every morning like alot of us all do so why not add a drop of coconut oil to our coffee? Do you add cream or sugar to your morning coffee and then slump a few hours later?

One simple change to your morning routine can help keep you (and your metabolism) raring all day long. The energy contained in coconut oil is easily and quickly metabolized by the body, so it doesn’t turn into fat the way cream or sugar do, and that means both extra morning zip for you, and an easier time fitting into your favorite jeans.

It’s hard to say for sure if it’s my modified morning coffee that has caused this change in my curves or not, but it’s the only new habit I have adopted consistently that could be responsible for my shrinking waistline. Check out The Coconut Mama’s recipe for a great coconut oil coffee at:

Drink Coconut Oil Coffee To Speed Up The Metabolism