Feb 22 2023

Home Made Pallet Breaker

Home Made Pallet Breaker

Pallet Breaker

Pallet Breaker / instructables.com

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If I had to do it very often, I would jump for a purpose-made tool. Several commercial models can be found for sale online using Google like “pallet buster” and “deck wrecker,” but I’ve got a bit of a soft spot for making things my self but if you do not want to make one your self you can buy one from amazon here .

If you have more than a couple of pallets to break up, this tool will save a lot of time, The best thing about this tool and many that you can buy is that you can get the wood apart with out breaking them, So great if you are trying to reuse the wood for other projects. click the link below to see this home made pallet breaker

Home Made Pallet Breaker