May 17 2023

Homemade Water Wheel Electric Generator

Homemade Water Wheel Electric Generator

Homemade Water Wheel

Homemade Water Wheel /shutterstock

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We are all familiar with water wheels that are used for grinding flour? well if  you a have a stream or a source of running water on your property, then you may wish to build your own water wheel electric generator. A simple generator can be made with a couple of water wheels. The main thing you need to generating power from your stream is to turn the water wheel as fast as it can to generate the max amount of electric.

A Good DC motor is important to have. You might want to use an inverter to store the electricity in a battery. The amount of electricity that is created will likely depend on the speed of water for your water wheel electric generator.Information about building a water wheel electric generator is on askaprepper.com here…

Homemade Water Wheel Electric Generator