Aug 02 2022

How To Build A Gypsy Wagon Trailer

How To Build A Gypsy Wagon Trailer

How To Build A Gypsy Wagon Trailer

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If you are looking to build a camper or off the grid tiny house, I think this how to build a gypsy wagon trailer is for you. It combines the old-school look of a gypsy trailer with the modern amenities of a new camper. Best of all, you can take it anywhere as it comes with a hitch

As gypsy trailers are usually less complicated to build due to their simple look and minimal foot print, this project could take you as little as a weekend. I am not that good at woodwork or DIY so for me I would estimate it probably would take me 2 or 3 weeks to build.

The most expensive item to buy for this project would be the trailer, the one this gypsy wagon was build on cost about $1k but I am sure with some online searches and looking in your local classifieds you could pick one up to suit your budget.

Check out how to build your very own gypsy camper in the link below. If you know of someone who is looking to build a camper show them this one, It looks great and cheap to build.

How To Build A Gypsy Wagon Trailer