Sep 15 2022

How to Fight Food Storage Enemies

How to Fight Food Storage Enemies

How to Fight Food Storage Enemies

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Most people understand what it is that makes foot rot: heat, moisture, air, light, and pests. Other than pests, the reason the other food storage enemies are because those things are the perfect habitat for bacteria to get in your food and grow. It is this growth that gives food the bad smell when it has gone bad. To fight food storage enemies (other than pests), you need to take away their ideal habitat.

By taking away moisture, for example, you have removed one of the key components that bacteria needs to thrive. By dehydrating, you remove the moisture and make the food last longer because no bacteria can survive. This is the whole principle to why food preservation works: you take away the habitat and therefore the food lasts longer. In some cases, much longer.

Learn the different ways to fight food storage enemies, depending on which one you battle with the most. Live in a humid area? Airtight containers are your friend! What about a place that is very hot or has large heat fluctuations? Find or create an area that stays in the shade all day long to help keep the heat down. There are so many options to learn!

Fighting the Biggest Food Storage Enemies