Aug 09 2022

How To Grow Bamboo In Your Garden

How To Grow Bamboo In Your Garden 

Grow Bamboo

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For many people, the word bamboo conjures up images of dense thickets of rampant spreading canes. While this is true of many types of bamboo, some species are not invasive. Evergreen members of the grass family, bamboos range from petite miniatures to massive giants. There are over 100 species of bamboo, found from the tropics to mountaintops. While most bamboos are tropical or subtropical, there are hardy bamboos that can survive temperatures of –10° to –20°F.

Bamboo is a great choice for specimen planting or for screening, and it can be easy to grow if you know how to manage it. It fits in with most garden styles, and there are varieties of nearly every size and for every hardiness zone. Here are the basics on how to grow bamboo in your garden! Click the link below to read all about how to grow bamboo.

How To Grow Bamboo In Your Garden