Jan 04 2023

How to make a mini rocket stove


How to make a mini rocket stove

mini rocket stove

mini rocket stove/ milkwood.net

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This rocket stove was good fun, easy, and very quick to make. The material costs were zero, as it was made out of rubbish. As such, it’s a great idea that could no doubt be improved upon, as it’s so easy to do.

And the best bit – every time you need to test it, you get to make a cup of tea! or make it slightly bigger and good some food on your rocket stove

A rocket stove is a super-efficient small combustion stove. Its intelligent design makes use of any small fuel sources such as twigs, small branches, pine cones, and dry grass.This means a fuel source is, More readily available and easier to gather and haul.

how to make your very own rocket stove