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Introducing The Electricity-free Groundfridge

Introducing The Electricity-free Groundfridge

Introducing The Electricity-free Groundfridge

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When i first saw this article i thought that it would make a great shelter that would be easy to install by your self.  I looked at it and though “wow, this is affordable” but I read on and found out it was actually a refrigerator.

It’s easy to forget how much energy it takes to keep our food fresh. So imagine taking advantage of the earth’s natural underground insulation to store and keep your vegetables. This is exactly what I have been looking for because I love all the DIY projects I post, especially the DIY root cellars but I don’t have the time to do do a big project like that.

The Groundfridge is placed in the ground and covered with the excavated earth. This layer of soil, about 1 meter thick, works as insulation so the temperature inside the fridge hardly varies. There is no building permit required to place the Groundfridge, and the displaced soil doesn’t need to be removed, which makes it an appealing addition to any home.

Introducing The Electricity-free Groundfridge

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