Kids Time DIY: Build a Super Cool Milk Jug Igloo!

Kids Time DIY: Build a Super Cool Milk Jug Igloo!

How to Build a Milk Jug Igloo

photo: hubpages.com

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Kids love the thrill of building a structure and exploring new spaces. They also love snow and igloos, but a winter storm isn’t always the best time to let the kids run around outside unless you have ski gear from Altitude Sports, and maybe you are a lucky homesteader living in a moderate climate without the hassle and chill of mounds of wintry snow. Perhaps you have, in fact, had your fair share of snow mounds this season, but your kids just can’t get enough. Have no fear. When the flakes stop falling and the white stuff has all melted, you can still build a great igloo with your kiddos. Just check out this fun how-to.

This project requires the milk jugs of everyone you know, so start asking around now! See these quick and easy building instructions and get the whole group of neighborhood friends involved in collecting, assembling, and playing in the igloo. You can enjoy the makeshift hut either indoors and out, and you can even use the preliminary stages of the fort as a play space for the kids to enjoy. No need to bundle up or grab the shovel, just go get those milk jugs!

Kids Time DIY: Build a Super Cool Milk Jug Igloo!

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