Jun 08 2023

How To Make Rum At Home

How To Make Rum At Home

Make Rum At Home

By lukeruk/shutterstock

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If you have ever had any interested in making your own alcohol like rum so you can drink your home brew at home after a hard day at work? You can do this by using various methods by using the proper ingredients. The best thing is, you only need four base ingredients to make rum at home. The process to make rum at home will typically take between four and ten days which i did not think was to long to wait.

If you want a stronger tasting drink, then your rum will need be stored and aged for up to a year or more. If you want to make rum at home that is colorless, then the aging process is not needed. One thing that you will require when you want to start this process is a distillation bucket. A 5-gallon bucket will be a perfect item to use for the distillation part of rum making.

How To Make Rum At Home