Apr 22 2023

Making Pizza with a Dutch Oven

Making Pizza with a Dutch Oven

Making Pizza with a Dutch Oven

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Cooking with a dutch oven while camping is a wonderful thing! The versatility of it, the durability, the ease of clean up – all are great reasons to use cast iron and especially dutch ovens. There are many recipes out there that use dutch ovens to make chili and cornbread or ham and beans. One thing most people don’t get to experience while camping though, is making pizza.

Our friends over at HomesteadDreamer.com have discovered a fantastic way to make pizza using your dutch oven that will turn out delicious, hot and crunchy! Imagine how amazing it would taste (not to mention you’d be the hero of the day) to sit down to camp fire cooked pizza. No worries about getting ash in your food, either! You use the bottom of the dutch oven as the ‘lid’ to help trap in heat and get all the ingredients warmed up and cheese melted!

There are some specialty items used to make the pizza possible but I’m sure you will agree that once you get the basic idea down, you could probably build something that would suit, too! If nothing else, check out the video!

Making Pizza on a Dutch Oven Lid