Jul 18 2023

The 10 Best Herbal Healers to Have on Hand

The 10 Best Herbal Healers to Have on Hand

Herbal Healers

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As summer slips away and autumn approaches, it brings with it a lot of changes for which we need to prepare. Cooler weather means it’s time to start putting away shorts and tank tops and digging out sweaters and jackets, and as biting bugs taper off for the season, it’s time to put away the insect repellent and bolster our medicine cabinets to prepare for the nastiest bugs of all… cold and flu bugs.

As a fan of herbal remedies, preparations for cold and flu season in my home start with stocking up on various natural treatments. If you’re new to herbal healing, there are a number of things that you’ll want to have on hand not only to deal with the challenges from changing seasons, but also a multitude of potential ailments you and your family may face. Following are ten alphabetically arranged herbal remedies worth having on hand for this and every season.

The 10 Best Herbal Healers to Have on Hand