Dec 08 2022

Three Homemade Windshield De-Icer Recipes

Three Homemade Windshield De-Icer Recipes

Homemade Windshield De-Icer

Homemade Windshield De-Icer /shutterstock

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It’s that dreaded time of year again for many of us. For those of us who live in the northern part of the country, the snow is falling, cars are stalling, and I start grumbling a bit more than usual. You can go to the store and buy ready made de-icer but quite often it either doesn’t work well or it costs you an arm and a leg and if you have prolonged winters you can go thought so much de-icer you will feel like your buying the stores total supply.

There is nothing worse then waking up and heading out for work and finding out that you have ice all over your windscreen. then you will end up being late for work. Throwing vinegar or alcohol on your frozen windshield might be more efficient than hacking away with an ice scraper and cursing the snow, click the link below to see three easy do-it-yourself de-icing recipes that are sure to make those frigid mornings a little more bearable.

Three Homemade Windshield De-Icer Recipes