The Best Amish Apple Fritter Recipe Ever

The Best Amish Apple Fritter Recipe Ever

Amish Apple Fritter Recipe

By Brent Hofacker/shutterstock

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I had some apples left over from making apple cider the other day, So i was inspired to try apple fritters!.I never would have thought to make these if not for the gentle prompting, and I’m so glad I finally did. Slightly crunchy on the outside, and full of apple goodness on the inside! These are super easy to make and taste so delicious you will be left wanting more!

I guess fritters are just an ugly looking doughnut. I am thankful for their lack of beauty because they make up for it in taste. Here’s how easy they are to make…you’ll be a doughnut maker in no time.

The Best Amish Apple Fritter Recipe Ever

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