Oct 03 2023

36 Fool-Proof Dehydrator Recipes

36 Fool-Proof Dehydrator Recipes

Dehydrator Recipes

By vkuslandia/shutterstock

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When i first heard about dehydrating food i was not sure how much I would use a dehydrator, so I first borrowed one from a friend of mine. Well it turns out I had that thing running day in and day out, so I quickly purchased my own. I recently purchased the Excalibur (buy here) because the large square trays are easy to arrange any shaped food on, the trays remove to culture yogurt, and the temperature dial allows you to choose the temperature you want.

Dehydrated your food is a great way to keep it for a lot longer, This is great to have around for many reasons. Hikers and backers may have started the craze because the food is lightweight but still packs all the nutrition and is super tasty. Plus, they make great snacks to give the kids when their stomachs get to growling. Check out this great article with 36 easy dehydrated recipes for you to try…

36 Fool-Proof Dehydrator Recipes