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50 Ultimate Uses for Coca-Cola

50 Ultimate Uses for Coca-Cola

 50 Inventive Ways to Use the World’s Most Popular Beverage Around Your Home

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Originally invented in the 19th century as a medicinal cure for hangovers, Coca Cola was simply named for two of its key ingredients, kola nuts and coca leaves (a source of cocaine). The modern formula is kept secret by the Coca Cola Company, but it no doubt is similar to most other commercial cola flavored soft drinks.

For most of my life Coca Cola was just a refreshing drink. A few years ago I had a friend advise me that a great way to clear a slow drain is to dump a can of Coke down it. Well recently I have come to realize that there are a multitude of ways to use this tasty concoction around your home, as everything from a floor cleaner to a metal restorer. Click the link bellow to check out the rest of the article….

50 Ultimate Uses for Coca-Cola

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