Feb 18 2023

How to Bake Bread on the Stovetop

How to Bake Bread on the Stovetop

Baking the Bread on the Stovetop

photo credit wikihow.com

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Baking bread is really all about technique. It’s about developing a feel for the ingredients. And you can’t do that without practicing. Let’s all swallow our fear and take a closer look at the magic that is yeast bread. Remember, flour is cheap, so if you really want to do this, get ready to practice.

Not only does this method of baking bread allow you to do it without the use of a traditional oven, it also only requires fifteen minutes of cooking on the stove… After 15 minutes the pan is removed from the heat and wrapped in some insulating material. This allows the bread to continue slow cooking without further heat/fuel/cost. Check out this great article below…

How to Bake Bread on the Stovetop