Feb 14 2023

**DIY** Hinged Covered Greenhouse Garden

**DIY** Hinged Covered Greenhouse Garden

Hinged Covered Greenhouse Garden

by Stephanie/swingncocoa

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A greenhouse is a great asset to any vegetable plot, enabling gardeners to make the most of the sun. Even the smallest, unheated structure will allow gardeners to extend the seasons and produce good crops of a wide range of vegetables. I Love this hinged covered green house idea great way to keep your vegetables safe from pests and bugs.

This is very simple to make this green house even to a novice diyer, To see this great article from swingncocoa they have lots of images to help you along the way and details with each image to help you along the way, Click the link below to see how to build yourself a hinged green house

**DIY** Hinged Covered Greenhouse Garden