Jul 21 2023

DIY: How to Make Vinegar

DIY: How to Make Vinegar

DIY: How to Make Vinegar

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Vinegar is one of those things that generally sits in the cupboard and is only used a couple times a year and usually for special dishes. Once upon a time, people knew how to make vinegar on their own and used it for cooking, food preservation, cleaning, and for medicinal uses as well!

Vinegar is a mildly acidic liquid that is made through fermentation. Most times, you actually ferment the batch twice! The first ferment is so the yeast will eat the sugar, therefore turning it into alcohol. Then, in the second phase, the acidic bacteria takes over and eats the alcohol, leaving behind vinegar! Ever smell a bottle of wine that had been left out too long? Vinegar is actually the french word for “sour wine.” People the world over still use vinegar for more than just cooking.

You can make infused vinegars to make different flavors and the possibilities are limited only by your imagination! Imagine how clean it would smell if you infused lemon or orange peels into a bottle of distilled white vinegar. It would leave behind a fresh, clean scent with hints of citrus fruit. How about a pepper infused vinegar to spice up your favorite dish or use as a spray deterrent for pests! So many options!

Unraveling the Mystery: Make Your Own Vinegar