May 10 2023

DIY: Ikea Rolling Organizing Storage Chest

DIY: Ikea Rolling Organizing Storage Chest

Ikea Rolling Organizing Storage Chest

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This is a great step by step tutorial of how to build a Ikea Rolling Organizing Storage Chest. Even though Ikea gets looked down on by many people, Ikea has many items that are bargains. Not only does it offer affordable and simplistic solutions to home décor and furnishings, it’s also a lot of fun to have a walk thought there massive stores.

We love walking around Ikea as a family. One thing that a lot of people do not know or aware of is that most Ikea products can be bought in parts and mixed together to create unique and customized furniture.

This tutorial is an example of one of those projects.This guide shows how to make a rolling storage shelf and work station using different pieces from Ikea furniture. This worked out great, because not only did it create a giant, rolling place to keep things, but it was also fairly simple to put together. Check out this step by step tutorial below…

DIY: Ikea Rolling Organizing Storage Chest