Jul 03 2022

Homemade Talc Free Body Powder

Homemade Talc Free Body Powder

Talc Free Body Powder

By tomkawila/shutterstock

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If you routinely use talc powder after your shower, you might want to make your own talc-free powder at home. Dusting talcum body powder endangers your health. There is evidence suggesting that talcum may increase the risk for certain cancers.inhaling talc powder may cause lung inflammation, leading to serious respiratory disorders.

A safer alternative is to buy talc-free body powder or you can make your own efficient and inexpensive home made talc-free bath powder. This home made natural mild talc-free body powder soothes and cools your skin while absorbing odours and excess skin moisture. It also leaves a pleasant delicate fragrance that makes you feel fresh, smooth and dry all day. Check out this great article by clicking the link below…

 Homemade Talc Free Body Powder