Jun 15 2023

How to Make Dandelion Bread

How to Make Dandelion Bread

Dandelion Bread

Dandelion Bread /shutterstock

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Yes! You can make this yummy bread using dandelions. If you have seen other posts i have done on dandelions you all will know you can eat them, you can even use dandelions to make coffee :). But I never even thought about adding them to bread to give it more nutrients and a distinct flavor. Did you?

As spring is here and dandelions are literally everywhere a t the minute. This is the perfect time to take advantage of this wild edible weed. For some of you this may be a great way to start introducing wild edibles into your diet and maybe make a batch and don’t tell your family until they have eaten it. Try this bread warm with butter and honey or for some toast in the morning. Oh now my mouth is watering, I will have to make some of this.. Check out this article below to see this yummy recipe…

How to Make Dandelion Bread