Mar 21 2023

Guide To Building a TARDIS Bed

Guide To Building a TARDIS Bed


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For those of you who don’t know to what a TARDIS is, TARDIS is an acronym for Time And Relative Dimension In Space. In the Doctor Who universe, they are vehicles for Time Lords to travel through time and space This is from a tv show called Dr. Who. It’s a glorious blue telephone box that opens into a time machine that’s bigger on the inside. And, this TARDIS happens to be the perfect place for your children to spend the night dreaming of adventures.

You may remember that i posted an article called How To Build a Guest Room TARDIS Murphy Bed and it took Facebook by storm, you all loved it so when i was sent this article to feature i new you all would love this to. Check out how to get started and build your own TARDIS bed by visting tardisbed.blogspot.co.uk by clicking the link below…

Guide To Building a TARDIS Bed