May 03 2023

Homemade Bread Cup Recipe For Soup

Homemade Bread Cup Recipe For Soup

Bread Cup

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Homemade Bread Bowls are crusty on the outside, soft and fluffy inside, and PERFECT for any creamy soup. There are a variety of options that you may find interesting, but making homemade bread cups may be ideal.

Many types of soup can be served in homemade bread cups. You can make potato soup with bacon and even a tasty chicken tortilla. The best thing is the bowl is edible after the soup is all gone. All you need to do is mix the ingredients to make the dough and then bake the bread.

Over the weekend I decided to make homemade bread bowls for the creamy tomato soup. They turned out really good and were so easy to put together The key to making homemade bread cups is forming a ball that will be the cup for the soup. Forming a ball is not difficult, but you need to make each one the same size. You will cut the top off the bread ball and then remove the soft bread inside. check out this recipe here…

Homemade Bread Cup Recipe For Soup