Jan 01 2023

Homemade Rita’s Rump Pocket pattern Diapers

Homemade Rita’s Rump Pocket pattern Diapers


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When considering cloth diapering, you might have been interested, but the initial cost outlay might deter you if you’re especially hard on cash. Though cloth diapering definitely can save lots of money over the course of your diapering period, coming up with the spare 200 dollars or so necessary to buy basic cloth diapering supplies (prefolds and covers) might be too difficult to do.

This pattern is a one-size fits most flannel fitted pocket pattern that does not have closures. It fits tiny babies to large toddlers and is very trim. It is a very simple fast diaper to sew up and you can find everything you need to make one at your local Walmart or fabric store. Did I mention that RRPs are also reversible? Use cute prints as the outer and the inner, and you have two cute looks with one diaper.

Homemade Rita’s Rump Pocket pattern Diapers