Feb 20 2023

No-Knead English Muffin Bread

No-Knead English Muffin Bread

English Muffin Bread

English Muffin Bread / shutterstock

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This no-knead English muffin bread is a very easy bread to make, This English muffin bread is also super quick and easy to make! My advice would be to get this recipe and get baking today! 🙂 If it is anything like the peasant bread it will be absolutely delicious.Haven’t baked bread from scratch because you think you need to own fancy equipment like a bread machine or a stand mixer?

I just love English muffins so when I found this recipe for this homemade no-knead English muffin bread from ibelieveicanfry.com, I knew I that i would have to tell you all about it. I have got to say this looks so good and best of all it only has good ingredients and no preservatives you just know it will taste amazing. Check out this article below…

No-Knead English Muffin Bread