Jul 23 2023

12 Head-to-Toe Uses for Bentonite Clay

12 Head-to-Toe Uses for Bentonite Clay

Uses for Bentonite Clay

Uses for Bentonite Clay /shutterstock

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If you’re someone who is up to date on all of your essential oils and remedial lotions, you’ve probably heard of the renowned and infamous Bentonite Clay – a type of clay created from a mixture of elderly volcanic dust and water after they have been sitting together for excessive periods of time. Through its many beneficial properties, the Bentonite Clay works to absorb any potential toxins in our bodies and, in turn, gives us imperative fibers.

With a variety of different types of Bentonite Clay out there, and even more uses for each kind, the results and benefits you can derive from this useful clay are seemingly endless. Mixing together the clay with water, which activates its rewarding properties, can go from a curious experiment to weekly or even everyday usage that can benefit you and your skin in more ways than one.

By integrating Bentonite Clay into your everyday lifestyle, you can maximize the amount of important minerals in your body, rid yourself of harmful and unwanted contaminations, and utilize the plentiful assets found within the clay. Continue reading to find out different ways that you can apply Bentonite Clay, and how it can be of valuable use throughout your life.

12 Head-to-Toe Uses for Bentonite Clay